Interchangeable Phone Cases

Live July 10th

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Sunday July 10th, 2016

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“If you’re considering using CustomMakeCase for your custom cases don’t hesitate or look any further. When I received my 2 cases, the old pictures were just as sharp and bright as the newer ones! It looked even better than the preview. The colors were richer than on the original photos. I was very pleased and will be using them again.”


“I put a picture of my husband and my boys on the beach and it turned out beautifully! The quality surpasses my expectations. This case is perfect! I will definitely reorder when I get a phone upgrade. I think it’s a great design!”


100% Drop Damage
Protection Guaranteed

Our phone cases are made from high grade of rubber and thermoplastic

The rubber allows the phone case to be protacted from drop damage from up to 10ft

Our phone cases are sleek, allow you to operate your phone with one hand easily

Return Policy

We have a 100% return policy, simply return your product and cover the return shipping

If your not completely satisfied with your product, return it and get your money back no hassle guaranteed

Bottle Opener and Wallet
Cash Back

Interchangable cases backs are easy to take off and put on

Meet the Founder and CEO.

Garrett Wilson a student at SDSU studying Marketing and Computer Science. Garrett started Your Case back in January of 2016, and has worked tirelessly since then to make Your Case what it is today

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Sunday, July 10th 2016